End of my 15 days route through Andalucia.

When I look back and realize that about 12 months have passed since I got back from that trip I think that I was a bit lazy with my reviews and pictures.

2018 was a difficult and busy year but I’m hoping that 2019 will be calmer and I will be able to write more often on the blog, travel more and take even more pictures. As I side note, 2019 is fully here and it is hectic. So much for calm.

Travelling through Andalucia brought some great food experiences and with one exception I can honestly say that I loved almost all my meals in this part of Spain.

I still can’t decide if the place I will review today was the best from my entire trip. It is a very close race with Bodega Dos de Mayo from Seville.

I loved them both and I think they are a must if you visit Seville or Malaga.

Casa Lola, the place I will write today about, is a place where I ate 2 times during my last days of the trip and before starting the review I will throw a spoiler and say from the start that this place was amazing.

Ideally situated in the center of old Malaga, Casa Lola is a stone throw away from the Malaga Cathedral or the Picasso Museum.

Walking through the streets of old Malaga I noticed this place, filled with people, locals and tourists and managed to secure a place outside for the first time, the second time around eating inside at the bar.

Now, I won’t lie to you.

This place is busy. Always busy as I seen on the dates that I visited or when I passed next to it a few times, just walking, looking around for new places to photograph.

Foodie heaven

The staff is great. I wasn’t decided on some things and I received a few suggestions each time that really turned out delicious.

Even though the place was busy they managed to explain things I did not understand from the menu or suggest tapas which I might enjoy.

As you can see from my pictures I ate quite a lot of tapas on both occasions and I did not had one I didn’t enjoy.

Some more delicious things

I really tasted some amazing things like a Lola recipe or a Lola secret and I highly recommend that if you are in Malaga to try this place and actually listen to the staff’s recommendations.

I paid well under 20 euro each time and that is a great price considering the amount of food I received.

Another great tapa

If you read my eating article from Valencia you surely noticed I compared food and food prices from there to the places where I tried food in Andalucia.

When it comes to Casa Lola things are just in a different league and the places I tried in Valencia are far from that taste or the ratio between price and quality.

Small but tasty

I will let my review purposely short because I don’t want to bore you with endless details of how good the food actually was.

I usually, as you know by now, stay away from places located in the center of the city but this time I am really glad I took a chance and tried this place.

Since I think I will reach Malaga again in the future I will definitely stop at this place to eat again.

No, it is not something sweet

And here you have it!

My final review from Andalucia!

Months have passed since my return from that trip and I still enjoy admiring the places I saw. For me it was a dream come true and this part of Spain proved more than amazing for me.

I am still working on a big article with lots of info for all of you that want to visit this part of Spain but it will take a while since I’m already 6000 words in it and feel like I didn’t even started well.

Until then, many new articles from England, Morocco and Valencia will follow as well as new pictures on my Instagram or on my FB page.


Ps: unlike the usual reviews I honestly must say that I forgot which food was in each picture. I will list all that I ate here on my two trips and you can try anything and I bet you will like it.

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  • Lola recipe
  • Lola secret
  • Pequiba
  • Casa Lola sandvis
  • Mechaita meat
  • Calle de Ronda
  • Abre des Ojos