Greece. Athens. Food.

This should be enough to interest any reader.

Regardless if you enjoy Greece or not, regardless if you like Athens or the city does not suit your tastes, the food here is amazing.

Today I will focus on a place located on Thrasivoulou 9 in the Plaka area. Clepsidra Café is a lovely place where I stopped on my last day in Athens when I was just wandering thru the city looking for places to photograph.

With 259 reviews on Trip Advisor, Klepsidra Café is ranked 160th from 2053 restaurants in Athens.

While this place is not in the same category as I Kriti, it has great, great food. It is hard to compare it with Seychelles because I only ate once in each place but I remember great dishes from both places so I can totally recommend this place.

The Café is situated on a corner house and on one side you can climb on the stairs that are all over Plaka on the way to the Acropolis.

I stood on a small table outside so I got the chance to enjoy a beautiful sunny day, play with a cat and just take my time watching the people move to or from the Acropolis.

A cold Mythos while waiting for the food and you can relax after a morning of visiting Athens.

The staff is nice, they are decent in English so you will have no problem when ordering.

From what I seen from my visit there are both tourists and locals at the tables and that is always a good sign.

Regarding the food I can honestly say it is good. It might not be the best I ate in Greece but I wouldn’t skip on this place if close and hungry.

It is nowhere near I Kriti’s level but I really enjoyed it on that sunny day.

There are plenty of options for meat lovers or vegetarians alike so anybody can find something to eat here.

The prices are reasonable even though so close to the Acropolis. Usually I would have expected a few more euros added but I was ok with the sum of my bill versus the quantity/quality of food I got back.

Speaking of quantity the portions are big so that’s another plus.

To sum it up I think that this place is a good choice if you are near and looking for good food. It certainly isn’t the kind of place to go across town just to eat in it like I Kriti but if you’re ever in the neighborhood you can stop to eat there.


With only one or two articles left to be posted in the Athens series I still don’t have the answer to my question from the intro of the series. I don’t know if I would visit Athens again.

The food was great, the locals are great, smiling and helpful but there is something missing.

I would return anytime to Rome. I would return anytime to Barcelona even though I visited this city three times already. And I would return anytime to Seville.

Athens did not feel like that. Even though it was one of the cities I really wanted to see I felt a bit disappointed.

After all this time I can’t honestly say why.  But I guess in the end it doesn’t matter.

After my trip to Puglia I said it and I’m sure I will keep my word. One day I will return to Bari and eat again that fabulous pasta dish I tried in a local restaurant.

Here in Athens, even though I had some of the best meals ever at I Kriti or at O Giannis Fish Tavern, I did not say the same thing. Oh trust me I would love to eat again in these places and while even the city is close to me (one hour flight) I don’t think I will reach this place again.

My next article will focus on my accommodation in Malaga so stay tuned for another article on my Andalucia Series.